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Theater Experience

NCG Theater Addition, Lansing, MI

Project consisted of 9,360 square foot addition to the theater.  This addition included toilet rooms, elevator, new theater, lobby, and concessions.  A new HVAC system was provided for the addition as well as electrical design.

NCG Theater, Atlanta, GA

Project consisted of a new multi-screen theater totaling approximately 40,000 square feet.  Matrix provided both mechanical and electrical design for the project.

Goodrich Kendall 11 Theater

Project consisted of an addition to the existing theater totaling 12,500 square feet.  The addition included a lobby with party room, elevator, projector room, bar, and new studio.  The design included new roof top units, plumbing for the bar area and party room, and a sump pump for the new elevator.

Goodrich Holland Theater Renovation

Project consisted of relocating the concessions area, adding an open party room, modifying the existing bathrooms, and converting an existing storage area into a janitor's closet.  The design included relocating existing exhaust hoods and fans and investigating the existing HVAC system to determine if changes were needed for the party room.  Plumbing and electrical systems were also redesigned to accommodate the relocated concessions stand and party room.

Fridley Springwood Theater

The project consisted of renovating the nine existing auditoriums, this included new underground plumbing, sump pump, new lighting, and new electrical service for the renovated auditoriums.  Electrical design also included providing power for new powered reclining seats and speaker system.

Goodrich West Columbia Theater Renovation

Project consisted of relocating the concessions area, modifying the existing bathroom area, and adding on to the lobby area.  Matrix provided the mechanical and plumbing design for the project.

Fridley Viking 3 Theater

The project consisted of splitting existing studios into smaller studios, expanding the lobby, renovating the bathrooms, and replacing the existing concessions and box office.  The design included modifying/adding new HVAC systems as required for the new spaces and modifying the plumbing as required for the new bathroom and concessions area.  The electrical design included new lighting and power for the renovated areas.