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Study Experience

Ingham County Facilities Evaluation and Energy Study

Matrix Consulting Engineers provided a facilities survey, study, and evaluation to determine energy savings.  Matrix performed energy modeling for each building to calculate the total energy savings of all recommended solutions and determine payback periods.  The following 8 buildings were included in the energy study:

  • Hilliard Building
  • County Courthouse
  • County Jail
  • Animal Control
  • 55th District Court
  • Human Services Building
  • Youth Services
  • Grady Porter
  • Veterans Memorial Courthouse

The total square footage for all buildings is approximately 770,000 square feet.  Systems surveyed and analyzed included HVAC, plumbing, lighting, building envelope, controls, power distribution, and life safety systems.  Survey data was put into an electronic database to permit annual updates by the owner.

Parnell Prison - Energy Study and Implementation

Project consisted of renovating HVAC systems in 12 buildings totaling 524,000 square feet to save energy.  Matrix performed energy calculations to size equipment for the new systems and show energy saving from the project.  Each building had a building automation system installed for the mechanical systems.  Some mechanical systems consisted of air handling units with energy recovery units, while other systems consisted of radiant heat with boiler reset temperature's on condensing boilers.

Lansing Community College Infrastructure Evaluation Study

Matrix performed mechanical and electrical analysis of all facilities owned or leased by Lansing Community College.  Project consisted of more than 30 buildings covering 1,400,000 square feet in three cities and included mechanical and electrical survey, evaluation, recommendation, and cost estimate.  Implemented data base including catalog of all major pieces of equipment including installation date, condition, size, maintenance concerns, and expected life.  The final report was used to develop future budget of maintenance department and major project funding.

IRMC Infrastructure Evaluation Study

Performed mechanical and electrical analysis of the Ingham Regional Medical Center Greenlawn and Penn Campus's.  Project included evaluation of all hospital mechanical and electrical systems, estimating equipment life and developing budgets for replacement of systems.  Following completion of the study, a master plan was developed including a  list of systems to be replaced as well as an order of priority of system replacements.  The first two phases of the master plan have successfully been implemented including additions to and replacement of the electrical switchgear, emergency generator, cooling towers, chillers, pumps and other critical infrastructure systems.

Ionia Correctional Facility

The study included completely removing the existing steam HVAC system for nine buildings totaling 295,000 square feet, removing buildings from the central steam plant and installing hot water heating boilers and domestic hot water systems for most of the buildings.  Gas fired equipment were added to one building.  The study included new mechanical and electrical infrastructure to install new energy efficient systems.

Handlon Correctional Facility

Study included completely removing the existing steam HVAC systems for twelve buildings totaling 318,861 square feet, removing building from the central steam plant and installing one central hot water heating boiler plant and one central domestic hot water system for all the buildings.  Gas fired equipment were added to four buildings.  The study included adding new mechanical and electrical infrastructure to the new energy efficient systems.

Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility

Study included a new standalone steam boiler building to serve the existing Dormitory buildings.  The existing Dormitory (totaling 45,100 square feet) was completely removed from the existing steam Power Plant.

Michigan Reformatory Correctional Facility

Study included removing two steam boilers from the Central Power Plant and installing two new steam boilers in the Central Power Plant to match the Michigan Reformatory heating load.  The Michigan Reformatory totals 449,141 square feet.

Road Commission Facility Assessments

Matrix provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing facility assessments for the following facilities:

  • Calhoun County Road Commission - Raymond Road Facility - Maintenance and Salt Building

  • Calhoun County Road Commission - 15 Mile Road Facility - Administration Building, Maintenance Building, Cold Storage Building, Sign Shop, Old Salt Storage Building, New Salt Storage Building, Sign Storage, and Treated Storage Building

  • Isabella County Road Commission - Administration Building, Sign Shop, Salt Barn, and Cold Storage Building

  • Jackson County Road Commission - Clark Lake Road Facility - Maintenance Building and two Salt Storage Buildings

  • Jackson County Road Commission - Parma Road Facility - Maintenance Building and two Salt Storage Buildings

  • Jackson County Road Commission - Bunker Hill Road Facility - Maintenance Building, Salt Storage Buildings, and Cold Storage Building

  • Mason County Road Commission - Administration Building, Salt Barn, Cold Storage Building, Open Cold Storage Building, and Cold Storage Garage

Portage Buildings

Study included a mechanical and electrical building assessment study of twelve buildings totaling 166,000 square foot.  A cost estimate was provided for all recommendations from the study.