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Austin Building

Matrix evaluated the physical condition of the sanitary, vent and domestic water piping for eight existing bathrooms and surrounding areas to bring them up to code. Matrix evaluated the plumbing system and determined the best way to modify the piping while maintaining part of the bathrooms in operation. A design was provided to replace the existing domestic water, vent and sanitary piping from the basement up to the penthouse through the rest of the building while also changing the plumbing fixtures.  

Mason Building

Steven T Mason Building project consists of renovating an eight story building plus basement area that is approximately 253,000 square feet gross area. The HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection design consisted of evaluating the existing systems to determine the condition of the associated equipment. The mechanical and electrical systems were replaced and upgraded both due condition age and also to assist in achieving LEED silver. The design was performed in Revit with clash detection performed and adjusted as needed.

Ingham County Animal Shelter

Matrix Consulting Engineers, Inc. worked on the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems design for the new 22,000 square foot animal control center that serves Ingham County and is located in Mason, MI. The HVAC design will include gas fired make-up air units, gas fired infrared tube heaters, and exhaust fans to achieve the required air changes for the animal shelter facility. Revit 3D modeling is being used to complete the design documents.