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Interior Renovation Experience

Accident Fund/Blue Cross Blue Shield Building

The current Blue Cross Blue Shield Building, a 10-story high rise building, was originally designed for the Accident Fund Headquarters with Matrix acting as lead mechanical and electrical designer.  Major MEP renovations were executed by Matrix for seven floors including data center relocation and expansion, 8th floor conferencing center, dedicated outdoor air system, emergency power systems, HVAC equipment replacement, and lighting upgrades.  Matrix also provided a complete MEP building renovation for the Blue Cross Blue Shield conversion.

USPFO Readiness Center

120,000 square foot project which completely retrofits the mechanical and electrical systems of an existing three-story state office building into a multi-military unit readiness center for the Michigan Air National Guard and Homeland Security.  HVAC systems consist of four VAV air handlers utilizing central chilled water from a salvaged centrifugal chiller and new high efficiency condensing boiler for heating and domestic hot water.  Six design alternates were included in the project to allow conformance to a strict plumbing budget.  Matrix responsibilties included all HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, power, fire alarm, technology, and raceway systems for data, security, and telecom systems, and data wiring.

General Office Building

A 255,000 square foot project to upgrade the mechanical and electrical infrastructure for the three-story building.  The HVAC system consisted of replacing and rezoning 175,000 square feet of office space with new VAV boxes to match the new floor layout.  The heating system central equipment was completely replaced, control valves were replaced in both the heating and chilled water systems and new air handlers were installed.  The HVAC system was also installed to eliminate the pressure problems that were occurring in the building.  Matrix also designed the plumbing, fire protection, lighting, power, fire alarm, and data systems.

Lansing Community College

Matrix provided mechanical and electrical engineering services to provide a campus wide upgrade, this included major renovations in many of the Lansing Community College buildings at three of their campuses.  Mechanical and electrical systems were changed, upgraded, added and replaced to accommodate the changes needed to accommodate LCC's new building needs.