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Infrastructure Study Experience

Lansing Community College Evaluation Study

Matrix performed mechanical and electrical analysis of all facilities owned or leased by Lansing Community College.  This consisted of more than 30 buildings covering 1,400,000 square feet in three cities and included mechanical and electrical survey, evaluation, recommendation, and cost estimate.  Implemented a data base including a catalog of all major pieces of equipment including installation date, condition, size, maintenance concerns, and expected life.  The final report will be used to develop future budget of maintenance department and major project funding.

IRMC Infrastructure Evaluation Study

Performed mechanical and electrical analysis of the Ingham Regional Medical Center Greenlawn and Penn Campus's.  The project included evaluation of all hospital mechanical and electrical systems, estimating remaining equipment life, and developing budgets for replacement of systems.  Following completion of the study, a master plan was developed including a list of systems to be replaced as well as an order of priority of system replacements.  The first two phases of the master plan have successfully been implemented including additions to and replacement of the electrical switchgear, emergency generator, cooling towers, chillers, pumps, and other critical infrastructure systems.

Newaygo County Infrastructure Study

Renovations and additions to various facilities owned by the Newaygo County ISD.  The project encompassed infrastructure master-planning and improvements for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, power distribution, and life safety systems in the following facilities:

  • Career Tech Center
  • Education Service Center
  • Fremont Educational and Activity Center
  • Fremont Center
  • Neway Center
  • Newday Center
  • White Cloud Center