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Wehrle Bed & Breakfast Williamston, MI

14,000 Square foot house designed with eleven ground water heat pumps for heating & cooling living areas and pool room; hot gas reheat and heat recovery used for pool room; wood fired boiler serves radiant floor heating as primary heat system; well and heat exchanger serves closed loop heat pump system. 

Leroy Township Hall Webberville, MI

5,000 square foot office/meeting space designed with water source heat pumps for heating and cooling. Project included meeting room equipped with energy recovery unit; variable speed well pump serves heat pumps and domestic system.

Livonia Housing Authority Livonia, MI

Designed ground source heat pump systems to convert old fire station into office space. Project included closed loop horizontal four pope ground loop heat exchanger; energy recovery ventilator for meeting room

New Basilian Father's Retirement Center Novi, MI

22,800 square foot retirement center designed with (16) ground source heat pumps, for heating and cooling; (39) vertical ground loops approximately 160 feet deep; twelve suites, kitchen, dining, chapel, and auxiliary spaces.