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Energy Star Experience

For Energy Star projects Matrix verifies and reviews the following in the Energy Star Data Verification Checklist for Certification according to the Energy Star Licensed Professional's Guide:

  1. Basic property information.
  2. Indoor environmental characteristics including adequate ventilation, thermal comfort, and lighting.
  3. Property use details.
  4. Energy consumption using utility meter data provided by owner.

These items will be reviewed at each site by walking through the building, reviewing information from the Building Automation System, and taking light and temperature readings throughout the building.  After the site work is completed, and the information on the Energy Star Data Verification Checklist for Certification is verified, the checklist will be signed and sealed by a professional engineer and returned to the owner.  The owner will then be able to complete the application process for the Energy Star.  Some projects that Matrix has been involved with for Energy Star are:

  • Michigan House of Representatives Office Building
  • Citizens Insurance (Highlander Way Office Building)
  • Citizens Insurance (Grand River Office Building)
  • Constitution Hall
  • Lewis Cass Building
  • Lottery/Ellis Building
  • Traverse City Station Office Building
  • Flint State Office Building
  • Jackson State Office Building
  • Jerome T Hart Building