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Data Center Experience

Sparrow Hospital 

The EPIC/EMR project for Sparrow hospital consisted of adding approximately 8-12 small I.T. rooms that will be cooled with 5 and 8 ton air conditioning units and will be adding a larger data center that will likely have 3 twenty ton air conditioning units.

Sparrow Hospital - New Data Center

Matrix designed a new 3,000 square foot data center for Sparrow Hospital in the new West Wing Tower.  The mechanical system consisted of four 30 ton air conditioning units.  Ten smaller I.T. rooms were distributed through the West Wing Tower that were cooled with (2) 5 ton units and (8) ton units.  Set up for (8) high density units and a 46 ton DX chiller system.

Saint Lawrence Hospital - Data Center AC Modification

Matrix upgraded the existing and added an additional high density cooling system at St. Lawrence hospitals 2,300 square foot data center.  Matrix design included using the space above the ceiling for the existing AC system return to stratify the heat away from the equipment making the existing equipment operate more efficient and cool the space better.  A 46-ton chiller with 8 high density evaporators was used to eliminate hot spots in the data room.

Michigan Millers Insurance

Matrix completed a study for Michigan Millers 1,500 square foot data center to determine methods to improve air quality in the space and provided back up cooling for future equipment.  Matrix modified air pressure in the space, used the plenum above the ceiling to stratify the air and keep the equipment cooler, added a 10 ton air conditioning unit and dry cooler.

Delta Dental Plan - Computer Room Modifications

Project consisted of surveying the existing data center, relocating an existing 10 ton AC unit, rough-in for a new 10 ton AC unit, future UPS and PDU for the facility.

Liquid Web, Inc. Data Center II

Matrix designed a new 32,000 square foot Tier 1 data center to be used as a web hosting site.  Infrastructure includes a 3,000 amp 480 volt electrical service, four 1,000 kW paralleled diesel generators, three 500 kVA UPS systems and (23) 22 ton computer room air conditioning units.

Jackson National Life - Disaster Recovery Center

Project included design and construction oversight of a 5,000 square foot data center.  The project included renovating an existing office building and converting it into a data center with a raised computer room floor, two 600 kW diesel generators, two 500 kVA systems and six 30 ton computer room air conditioning units.

State of Michigan - Treasury Building UPS System Replacement

Matrix designed installation documents for two new 300 kVA UPS units and three 150 kVA PDUs for the fourth floor data center in the Treasury Building.

State of Michigan - Operations Center Data Center

The project consisted of a new 10,000 square foot data center located in the Operations center.  The project included a 300 kVA UPS, service for a redundant 300 kVA UPS and five 30 ton AC units.