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Chiller and Cooling Tower Experience

Lansing Community College - Health and Human Services Building

The project consisted of replacing (2) water cooled chillers and cooling tower with (2) high efficiency, quiet, 165 ton air cooled chillers and (6) new ice storage tanks.  Chillers, chilled water pumps, and ice storage system were controlled by new chiller plant controls provided by the chiller manufacturer.  An automatic glycol feeder unit for the new air cooled chiller system was also installed. 

Michigan State University - Wonders Hall

Matrix performed a study at Michigan State University to evaluate renovations on the first and second floor of the core area in the Wonders Hall Facility.  Part of this study included a chiller system study.  During this study Matrix evaluated 6 different chiller options including an air cooled chiller, electric chiller, and absorption chillers.  The study also included different extents of chiller options including just adding chillers to serve part of Wonders Hall or to create a remote chiller plant to serve multiple buildings.  Cost estimating was included in this study.

Lansing Community College - Health and Human Services Careers Building and Chiller Plant

Project consisted of a new 3-story plus lower level academic building with approximately 140,000 SF.  The building houses the dental hygiene, massage therapy, EMS, nursing, and related labs and offices.  Matrix provided complete mechanical and electrical design services for the entire building including a new chiller plant with two 220 ton water cooled chillers and associated cooling tower.

Central Michigan Community Hospital

Project consisted of adding a new 500 ton chiller in addition to two 360 ton water cooled chillers.  The chiller plant was changed, the pumps were replaced and a cooling tower was added.

Ionia Hospital - Chiller Study and Replacement

Project consisted of a study of the current absorber chiller system compared with other types of chillers, determining the construction costs and payback time.  The systems evaluated were to replace the existing absorber with a new absorber, use an air cooled chiller, or use a water cooled chiller.  For this situation the owner was looking at a 5 year payback time.  The chiller system being replaced served the entire hospital.

St. Lawrence Hospital - 1100 Building Chiller System Evaluation

The project consisted of a study to evaluate the existing chiller and air handling system and give recommendations on the system to determine what should be done to make the system operate with fewer failures and increased energy efficiency.

St. Patrick's School and Church - HVAC Upgrades

The project consisted of a study to evaluate the existing chiller, boiler, and ventilation system for the school and church.  Matrix then provided a new HVAC design consisting of replacing and adding HVAC equipment, a two pipe change over hydronic system, boilers, and a new 160 ton chiller plant.

Ingham County Hillard Building - Chiller System Project

Project included evaluating the existing chiller system and looking for possible energy saving opportunities.  After evaluating the system our initial design included upgrades to the chiller plant, however funding was only available for chiller replacements along with added architectural safety changes. 

Soaring Eagle Casino - Chiller Project

Project consisted of adding a new 400 ton chiller to take the place of the existing 400 ton chiller as well as modifying piping, electrical, and controls as necessary for the project.

St. Lawrence Hospital

The project consisted of replacing the existing chiller, installing a new cooling coil, and modifying the existing air handling unit as required for the new system, as well as electrical design needed to implement the changes.