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Apartment Complex Experience

Stonehouse Village

The project consisted of a mechanical and electrical design for a five story building with 27 apartments and two retail spaces.

Fowlerville Apartments

Matrix provided mechanical and electrical design for a building with 6 apartments and four retail spaces on two levels.

Perry Apartments

Project consisted of 12 apartments on three levels of two different buildings.

Saginaw Valley State University

Project consisted of a student living center with 120 units on three floors plus basement in two complexes.  Each building is approximately 106,000 square feet.  Each building included a primary electrical service and emergency generator.

Brewer Building

Project consisted of a new 4 story mixed use building with 7 two bedroom apartments, 6 studio apartments, and retail space on the ground.

Pittsfield Township Multi Family

The project consisted of townhomes and apartments totaling approximately 362,000 square feet.  Matrix provided mechanical, plumbing, and electrical design for the project.